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Available Services

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Mobile Retroreflectivity Testing/Measuring

We Are equipped with a ZDR 6020 retroreflectometer.

The 6020 is equipped with GPS and mapping data for flawless interactive reporting.  We are also capable of measuring at highway speeds for safer measuring

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Pavement Marking

We review and measure all different types of pavement markings and suggest what material is suited best for the specific area.

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Handheld Retroreflectivity Testing/measuring

We currently have ZDR 6013 and 6014 handheld retroreflectometer machines with built in GPS and camera to give the most accurate detailed information in the industry

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Calibration Certification

Calibrating your paint pumps and paint/bead guns for MTO specifications and maintenance standards 

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Sign Retroreflectivity

We are equipped with a ZDR 6060 retroreflectometer for measuring night visibility of road signs from 3 different angles with one click of a button 

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Evaluation of pavement markings during and after application.  We really like to be involved and help our customers achieve the best possible results.